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Education, Cross-Cultural Exchange, Prospects – The Elhadj Diouf Foundation sets up an Exclusive Company Sponsor Group

The Elhadj Diouf Foundation has set up an Exclusive Company Sponsor Group. Martin Kind (KIND GmbH & Co.KG) prophesied at the gala on September 11, 2018 that “the actual work i.e. the consolidation phase will begin tomorrow.” Indeed a lot of work awaited the EDF quintet in the following weeks, during which the focus was a follow-up of the foundation gala and the implementation of the first project at Sam II Primary School, but also the establishment of a Private Sponsor Group, which is growing almost on a daily basis and shows that the vision of a better world is shared by many. Then came the next ambitious decision: to get local companies on board and to set up an Exclusive Company Sponsor Group. The common goal of this “group of supporters” is amongst other things the current construction of an educational and meeting complex in Kaolack. Matthias Stach is optimistic:”For me, a school together with a sport complex is no longer just a vision. The gala evening showed me what can be generated in the southern area of Lower Saxony. We have long since been of interest nationwide and companies from other regions also show great interest.” The first meeting last Monday in Landgasthof Trüter with 11 exclusive company sponsors (See info box) must have been encouraging for the EDF members. All the companies contribute at least €1000 annually to our foundation and are impressed by the dynamics between Osterode and Kaolack. The particpants expressed their thanks for an “interesting, informative and inspiring evening” showing yet again that this is about “a project really close to our hearts” as described by Tara Lenz from the Sparkasse in Osterode am Harz.

Almost 10 months to the day since Elhadj Diouf’s death a new chapter has been added to the intercontinental story with the establishment of the Exclusive Company Sponsor Group. Visibly moved, Tobias Rusteberg summarized his feelings:”Elhadj and I had always dreamt of what now seems will become reality. The setting up of a foundation, the gala, first projects, strong support from businesses, soon our own school… what a year this has been! His family, our partners from the Association of Koumby Saleh (AKS) in Kaolack and ,last but not least, the EDFs are simply proud that together with the right people they have achieved something great for our ONE world. All of this is sometimes, on the one hand, unreal and, on the other hand, truly fulfilling.”

Foto: EDF

from the left: Tamara Lenz, Thomas Thoebe (both Sparkasse Osterode am Harz), Holger Washausen (Autohaus Washausen), Lars Müller (KKT Holding GmbH), Harald Wächter (Wisoma GmbH) Ilona Tenzer (Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH), Daniela Trüter-Franz (Landgasthaus Trüter), Lars Säglitz, André Bogdan (both lawyers and notaries), Jessica Schulz, Thorsten und Martina Hickmann (Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG)

Absent: Alfred Galke GmbH, Rats Apotheke Osterode am Harz and Harz Energie

Vielen Dank an unsere exklusiven Partner!

Info box:

The following 11 companies are currently part of the Exclusive Company Sponsor Group of the Elhadj Diouf Foundation:

Lawyers and Notaries Bogdan & Säglitz, Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH, Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG, Alfred Galke GmbH, Harz Energie, KKT Holding GmbH, Rats Apotheke Osterode am Harz, Sparkasse Osterode am Harz, Landgasthaus Trüter, Autohaus Washausen GmbH & Co. KG, Wisoma GmbH

The Elhadj Diouf Foundation gladly welcomes companies who would like to join the Exclusive Company Sponsor Group. The number of members is limited, more information is available via email (brueckenbauer@elhadj-diouf-foundation.de).

The following companies were added during the year 2018/19:

Obermann Logistik GmbH, Helios Klinik, Kreiswohnbau Osterode am Harz/ Göttingen GmbH, Scheithauer Reisen, Dr. Fahlbusch und Partner, Bode Tiefbau GmbH, Potsdamer Rasenschule, Versicherungsmakler RMHelbing, Modehaus Rudolphi, Koithahn’s Harzer Landwurstspezialitäten GmbH, Apotheke Dreilinden, Praxis Hartmann, Verw. Gesellschaft Am Schlossberg GmbH & Co Kg, Sanitätshaus Sturm, Johannes & Partner Immobilien, Sven Grosse Rechtsanwalt, Agrarmarkt Deppe

and three Senegalese companies: Ibrahima Diouf Dakar, Mboutou Sow Kaolack, Horizons Bleus

Fotos: EDF

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