We are now looking worldwide for 555 sponsors to build a school.

Be one yourself and spread the word to encourage others do the same!

Each brick (meant symbolically) can be bought just once for a respective sum between 1€ and 555€ (e.g. Brick No. 271 costs 271€). Each contribution counts and anyone can participate.

The “Bridge of Hearts” between Germany and Senegal is going to build a nursery school and primary school in Kaolack (Senegal) which will give over 350 children the chance to take their first step on a promising educational path. The educational focus in the “Elhadj Mamadou Diouf“ school will also include: environmental topics, sport, music, art, equal rights, and intercultural and global learning.

A suitable plot of land was purchased some time ago and construction with the involvement of a recognized architect is to begin in the first six months of this year. The school will consist of a building for pre-school children, and another for the primary school (6 grades). For the primary school building we have come up a special fund-raising campaign.

What do you need to do?
Write an email to 555paten@web.de and state which brick you would like to have and the name you wish to give your brick. (e.g. Joe Bloggs would like to have Brick No.345)

Here you can see the bricks that you can choose from!

Brick still available:
Reply from EDF: Yes, the brick is still available, please transfer your contribution within a week (After this, the brick will be reallocated)
• School Construction account: DE74 2635 1015 0215 2996 94
Account holder: Brusch & Ritscher
Bank: Sparkasse Osterode am Harz
• Re „School Sponsor 345“ (345 = Example of a brick chosen)

Brick is not available
“No,” I’m afraid this number has already been chosen. We suggest the following bricks.

Your personal field is marked in red/you will be mentioned by name in the entrance area of the school, and a surprise email will follow in the course of the next few weeks.
Irrespective of whether it’s friends, families, groups, companies, organisations and the like, every kind of support is welcome/ Let’s all build a “Bridge of Hearts” together and invest in the most valuable asset on earth: EDUCATION!

By the way: the numbers 5-5-5 are symbolic here for:
5 EDF members + 5 AKS members + 5 main objectives for the school to be built in 2022
(Reduction in migration, Better perspectives, Education, Cross-cultural exchange, Environmental awareness)

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